Thursday, June 19, 2008

I promised

Lilith finished her 200th MegaTokyo strip and closed down her browser.
“God, I need a shower,” she said aloud. After months of painstaking research and mind numbing comics the elders were about to make a triumphant return with the long awaited review of MegaTokyo. What’s more they were all going to collaborate on it, packing as much invective and bile into each sentence as they could manage between them.
As the water ran down her soft, voluptuous body she smiled to herself, “I wonder what Lupe will think,” she mused, idly fingering her pussy. What’s more the others, John, Mike and Ted were coming over in person to finish the review. She had met them all separately before, Mike and Ted together (if she hadn’t known any better she would have said they were a couple) and John, once but only fleetingly as he passed through town. She couldn’t wait, remembering vividly the sparks that flew between them the last time they were together. As she fell asleep she found herself hoping the Mike and Ted wouldn’t show up at all.
Next morning Lilith was checking herself in the mirror for the hundredth time. She smoothed her hair them messed it up again, straightened her skirt, pulled it up above her knees and then down again. She had changed a dozen times, agonised over her make-up. She told herself not to be silly, but she couldn’t help it. When the doorbell finally rang at two thirty her heart almost leapt out her mouth.
“Just a minute!” she called, checking herself one last time and rushing to the door. She took a breath and opened it,
“Hey Lil’,” said Mike while shy Ted smiled and nodded at her. She fought down the surge of disappointment she felt and ushered them in,
“I thought John was coming with you.”
“Yeah, he was following us but…” he trailed off as John’s battered Skoda pulled up outside and he stepped out. Lilith flushed.

“…and then she said ‘You played him fine!’”, said John and everyone broke up laughing. John was his usual effervescent self, Ted quiet and witty, Mike with an encyclopaedic knowledge of MegaTokyo strips, the review needed only a bit of correction and editing before it could go up. They all knew they had accomplished something here, what would make all those hours of sacrifice worth it was the reaction of the fans. After a brief discussion of last night’s comments section Lilith stood up,
“Stay here whilst I go and get some beers.”
A couple of hours later they were all pretty buzzed. John was downing two for every one Lilith put away and seemed none the worse for it. Ted and Mike were drinking margaritas that she didn’t remember anyone making. Sometime after John started cutting lines someone suggested they play strip poker. It had seemed like a good idea except she never could remember if two pairs was better than three of something. Half an hour later sitting in her living room in her best underwear and a baggy t-shirt it didn’t seem like such a good plan.
Solomon turned over his hand,
“Straight flush,” he said grinning. Lilith threw down her two Jacks in disgust.
“Pay up,” he smirked.
“Come on guys it’s cold in here.”
“Ted are you cold?”
Ted, sitting in his faded boxer shorts, shook his head.
“Come on John,” she said.
“Alright,” he said, “You can do a forfeit instead.” He unzipped his pants and pulled out his semi-hard member, “You can suck this.”
Lilith balked but found herself on her knees, the beer and the coke, she thought as she took John’s cock in her hands for the first time and started sucking, How is this worse than sitting in my underwear she thought, not that she cared, as she bobbed up and down on John’s fat dick.
She led him up to her bedroom, Mike and Ted too and quickly they were all naked. She pulled John down on top of her and kissed him roughly.
“Fuck me Solomon!” she moaned. He kissed her nipples slowly tracing circles with his tongue, she needed him inside her now though, two years of longing was enough foreplay.
“Fuck me now!” she moaned taking his dick in her hand and guiding it to the target. She moaned in ecstasy as he slid the whole glorious length of it into her dripping cunt. John slid in and out in a steady rhythm, he could have fucked like a broken jackhammer and Lilith still would have come. Mike and Ted watched, Ted’s huge dick in Mike’s hand, Ted’s finger in Mike’s ass.
Lilith screamed in orgasm as John grunted, he still wasn’t even close to finished.
“Mike, Ted you too!” she moaned. Mike came up behind her, fingering her asshole as Solomon fucked her.
“Fuck, I want you in me Mike!” she moaned. Ted sucked Mike until his dick was glistening and wet and slowly he pushed it into her ass. He lay unmoving underneath her John fucking her pussy on top.
“Oh Ted baby come here!” she groaned and Ted lost no time in fucking her gaping mouth.
The four elders fucked like animals for what seemed like hours, Lilith coming half a dozen times until John grunted,
“Shit Lil’ I’m gonna cum!” he pulled out and Mike did too and in a moment they were all standing in front of her wanking furiously. Ted came first followed quickly by Mike and John and she was assaulted with cum, thick salty goo running down from forehead to chin. She sighed blissfully, this was almost as good as webcomics.